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We have been using Light Elegance Hard gel nail system for over a year now. As a nail technician with over 15 years experience I have used many different products. My clients were increasingly looking for a nail treatment that was 
Longer lasting than nail polish alone. Gel polish and shellac were giving better endurance and lasting shine than nail varnish but didn't give the hardness of acrylic.

We then came across Light Elegance. It was a coloured hard gel system that gives the strength of acrylic but with a lightweight feel. Removal and reapplication was easy and I found there was less need for filing to blend product smooth for reapplication. This was important as this is were most of the damage is done to the natural nail when using acrylic systems especially if drills are overused.

What impressed me the most was the quality of their products. An amazing array of colours including glitters. They also launch 6 New colours and 6 New glitters every season. I have never had so much choice which is great for our clients.

If you have tried acrylic or gels before but were not happy with the end result then give these a try. They can be overlay onto your natural nails or an extension can be sculpted.

Light Elegance Nails

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