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Baby Bump Painting

Baby belly art is a beautiful and unique way to celebrate your pregnancy. Your baby bump is a perfect blank canvas which we transform into a work of art. Each belly painting is special, and a wonderful way to capture the moment of being pregnant. Having your growing bump painted is a great way to bond with your baby in a very special way. For those who wish to treasure that moment in time forever, but don't want a bare belly in a photograph, then this is ideal.


For your comfort, the best time to have this done is during mont hs 6-8.  Your experience at  the salon will  last around 2 hours, with regular breaks . During this time you will decide what design you would like . Don't worry if you're unsure what you  want, together we can come up with your perfect image. Once the painting is completed we shall then capture your artwork with stunning photographs. Afterwards you will have 2 6X4" top  quality photographs to treasure always.


The total cost of this experience is £45. More photos can be ordered in various sizes at a small extra cost.

There is no better way to remember your amazing gift of life.

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